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Skilled DUI Defense In Montgomery County And Bucks County

Driving under the influence in Pennsylvania is a serious offense with immediate and long-term consequences. If you were stopped or arrested for suspicion of DUI, you need a knowledgeable and conscientious lawyer fighting for you.

The attorneys of McMenamin & Margiotti, LLC, have defended hundreds of people arrested for drunk driving in Bucks County and Montgomery County. The earlier you contact our lawyers, the better are your chances to get DUI charges dismissed or work out a suitable resolution with the prosecutor.

Protection From The Harsh Consequences

The penalties for a DUI conviction may include jail time, license suspension, steep fines and court costs, mandatory alcohol or drug treatment, and installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. A DUI on your record will also raise your insurance rates and hamper employment opportunities. The potential punishment depends on the facts of your case, such as blood alcohol level and prior convictions. We have defended clients in every scenario:

  • First-time DUI and repeat offenses
  • Enhanced penalties (BAC of .10 to .159 or BAC of .16+)
  • Driving under the influence of drugs
  • Breathalyzer refusal (implied consent violation)
  • Child endangerment (DUI with a minor under 18 in the car)
  • Underage drinking and driving (zero tolerance)
  • Alcohol-related crash resulting in injury or death

The Value Of An Experienced DUI Lawyer

Friends, family or the police may tell you that you can represent yourself. Do not follow that advice. You need an attorney, and not just any DUI attorney. Vincent Margiotti and Patrick McMenamin have more than 55 years of combined experience in criminal law, including the nuances of Pennsylvania DUI laws. Mr. Margiotti is certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in field sobriety testing, the same training that law enforcement officers receive. Mr. McMenamin is a former prosecutor who understands how to the challenge the circumstances of a traffic stop and DUI arrest.

First-time offenders may be eligible for a pretrial diversion ARD (accelerated rehabilitative disposition) to keep a DUI off their record, but it requires a two-month license suspension. The alternative is a guilty plea with a minimal fine and no suspension, which may be preferable if you need to drive to work and transport your family. We help clients make educated decisions in their defense, including the pros and cons of going to trial.

Your Local Legal Advocates

Our attorneys know the Montgomery County and Bucks County court systems and how to advocate effectively on your behalf. Our clients tell us that after their initial consultation, they feel assured that we have their best interests at heart. And equally as important, they understand that we will work diligently to defend them to mitigate or eliminate the impact of a DUI arrest.

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